The Research Hub

Customized Solutions is an international Research and Development (R&D) hub which offers tailor-made solutions that can fulfil the unique needs of each clients. The core strength of Customized Solutions is our creative and dedicated software developers who are equipped with expertise in extensive operating systems while utilizing the latest technologies. With our expertise and out-of-box thinking, our solutions can also be integrated with our clients’ existing systems.

Creativity and transforming ideas are born from Customized Solutions and contributes to the rapid growth of Serba Dinamik IT Solutions (SDIT) Sdn Bhd:


System Integrator (General Industries)

● System Integrator
● COMO™ (Vibration Analysis Software)
● SCADA (Distributed Control System)
● Water Treatment Plan
● Internet of Things (IoT)
● Creating Control Centres
● Smart Inspector™ (Risk Based Inspection System)

Business Services & Supply Chain Innovation

● RFID Tracking System
● Computerized Weighing System
● Production Automation System
● Pattern Approval for Weighing System
● OATS™ (Online Assets Tracking System)
● Warehouse Management System