Payment Solutions

QwikPay is an app that utilizes QR codes to replace cash. The app is an e-wallet platform that primarly focuses on payment for parking. However, users may also use QwikPay to make payments for shopping, dining and other amenities.

QwikPay is integrated with major banks & various e-money vendors in order to provide ease of use to our ever growing database


Gated/Closed Parking

QwikPay gated/closed parking solutions allow users to conveniently pay for parking using just a smartphone. With enabled QwikPay users simply have to scan the QR code at the reader placed at each entry and exit of the premise. That's all, and the transaction is complete.

City Council Street Parking

QwikPay street parking solution provides a fast and convenient mode of payment whether you are on the go or in the comfort of your own vehicle. 15 min notification will be sent before expiry and flexibility of extending your parking hours from anywhere.

Valet Parking

QwikPay offers you to quickly pay for valet parking services without the need for cash, receipt and tickets. With an enabled QwikPay smartphone you just have to scan the QR code at the valet device held by the Jockey/Valet Parking Attendant. It's fast, easy, and convenient simply scan and go.

License Plate Recognition

Using high-resolution IP cameras, QwikPay users simply have to add their vehicle registration number and enable the license plate recognition function to enter and exit the parking premise conveniently, the IP cameras would capture the vehicle registration plate and trigger the barrier to open, this applies for season pass user and QwikPay visitors using the mobile app at any QwikPay gated/closed parking locations.

Season Pass

QwikPay season pass solution provides a hassle-free solution paying your monthly season pass for street parking and gated/closed parking, without the need of carrying cash or walking over to the counter with everything is done within just a few clicks on the QwikPay app.

Qwikpay Transportation Payment

QwikPay transportation payment solution simply works by scanning the QR code reader upon entry or exit of any public transportation services. It can be used for train services, bus services, taxi services, and ferry services.

Utility Bill Payment

QwikPay simplifies all utility bills payment including maintenance fee and sinking fund payment can be done via the QwikPay app. All you have to do is scan the QR code on the payment receipt and make the payment easy, fast, and secure.

Ticketing Payment

QwikPay offers ticketing payment solutions that allow users to book tickets fast and conveniently for events, conferences, exhibitions, congress as well as enjoy great deals via QwikPay app.

Zakat Payment

QwikPay zakat payment solution offers a seamless way for all Muslims in the state of Selangor to perform their charitable contribution via QwikPay.

Retail Solution

QwikPay retail payment solution provides the user with a fast and easy solution of making their payments just by scanning the QR code to make a payment, it can be used to make payments at cafes, restaurants, grocery stores, supermarkets, beauty saloons and etc.