Open Innovation Platform

Serba DigitalX (SDx) is an open innovation platform by Serba Dinamik and StartUp Borneo. Located in Kota Samarahan, SDx offers access to state-of-the-art technology centre at the D-Virtual Park and function as a hub to empower the digital community. SDx as a platform will bridge network of strong corporate ventures by adopting revolutionary ideas and innovative business model which enable synergistic partnerships between corporate and start-ups. SDx can enable to discover continuous evolution of products and team development, embracing "Launch Fast, Fail Fast" culture by adopting rapid prototyping and collaboration via open innovation.

"By 2026, Serba Dinamik Group aims to be the Digital Transformation Partner of Choice, through smart partnership with innovation ecosystem and leading the Frontier technologies locally and globally."

By integrating all these concept development, SDx has come forward by developing an innovation ecosystem which comprises virtual innovation program, accelerator program, research lab, creative start-up studio leveraging SD Global Innovation Hub Network including the latest under construction Block 7 Innovation Hub in Abu Dhabi that takes innovation experience to a whole new level.

Indulge with high-end equipment, Studio8@Samarahan offers integrated creative solutions with an innovative workplace to enjoy the social connections with other like-minded creatives, which the SDx is readily for. SDx foster forward-looking idea with facilities, expertise, and program to ideate with resources in shaping frontier technologies.

In line with Sarawak's Digital Economy agenda, SDx strengthens the collaboration with Sarawak Esports Association (SESA) by establishing a Mini Esports Hub@D-Arena facilities. The facility is set up as one of a kind concept facilities that can function as a training and tournament ground for esports athlete. The facility equipped with 60 gaming specification computers, 6 streaming rooms, 2 console corners, 1 discussion room splendid event space.

The D-Tamu is a development and community empowerment initiative showcasing 'Smart-Kiosk' application to transform hawkers and local traders by adopting digitalization. Today, D-Tamu is a new attraction spot in Kota Samarahan by combining the modern mobile counter kiosk and revolutionary theme concept which provides a fresh look to the place, versatility, and flexibility for operations. Visitors and community can enjoy plenty of local speciality cuisines!