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Interface Expertise

Experienced in SAP interface

Software development using IOT

Written Software to interface with Hardware and Software of Yakagawa Controller and Program

Interface program with Maximo Software

Interface Program with CMMS system

Interface program with Honeywell PHD, Emerson delta and orchad pi

Experienced in interface with century finance system

Expertise in big data analysis and data scientist

Dashboard with real time asset tracking

This surface movement radar is used to detect movement of traffic on the runaways, taxiways and aprons of the airport. The video information is sent to the DPSD system for further processing and displaying of plots, targets and tracks.


Incoming data from external sources such as weather and aerodrome data are converted into spoken text for CATIS services. Via the server voice announcer, the broadcast spoken text is then transmitted by the AG-Radio system.


The consoles facilitate the controllers with workplaces to perform the ATC operation in comfortable manner.


This system facilitates the communication between pilots and controllers at MT and AT KLIA, as well as ATCC Subang.


The integrated voice communication system consists of radio, telephone, intercom and hotline which are used to control and communicate between ground to air or ground to ground by the air traffic controllers.


The system records all the conversations between the controllers and pilots. The recorded data will be kept for investigation purposes by DCA in the state of incident or emergency cases.


This system provides the 7 GHz communication link which carries the data and voice between MCT, ACT and ATCC Subang, and serves as secondary link to the Fibre Optic link.


This system provides the primary communication link which carries the data and voice between MCT, ACT and ATCC Subang.


The DCA PCs, workstations, and peripherals are used by DCA for administrative and technical staff to support the KLIA DCA operations and administrations works.


These systems provide platforms for new application features to be tested before the eventual incorporation to the operational system, as well as simulating the operational systems for comprehensive and practical training purposes for ATC controllers.


These systems provide platforms for new application features to be tested before the eventual incorporation to the operational system, as well as simulating the operational systems for comprehensive and practical training purposes for ATC controllers.


A traffic situation display showing surveillance area maps and target labels with the identification, position and other information regarding aircraft, vehicles and other relevant targets.


An electronic flight plan that reduces communication and coordination among the individual ATC positions by providing a common view on the available information to all the operators.


MLAT system is installed to give coverage on the Surface Movement Area of the KLIA airport and also approach coverage 25 Nautical from KLIA airport. Provides accurate and reliable real time location and identification of the aircraft and vehicles equipped with an operational transponder.

The Network at DCA KLIA has been setup to V-LAN concept and all the systems at DCA KLIA are connected through this network.


Item Tracking System powered with RFID by Serba Dinamik IT is a powerful all-in-one smart barcoding system that can easily tracks the status of your assets/stock items.

It has transformed the face of traditional paper method by creating TS requests & approvals, MRV and receipts through the system anytime, with its rich reporting function that automatically generates reports for your ease of viewing and analyzing.



  •  Handling of temporary storage items
  • Online requests & approval for storage
  • Collection of storage items and repair items
  • Allocating and installing RFID on to the items in the warehouse
  • Handling of online schedule waste
  • Tracking of CHE baskets


myPlant Equipment Monitoring Software is an all-in-one software solution that is thoughtfully designed for operations and maintenance professionals to record, monitor and actively manage information and metrics of plant equipment with the objective to improvise and optimize their overall workflow and efficiency.

It provides maintenance and operations professionals important metrics and insights needed to ensure the optimal maintenance of equipments. The recorded data can also be stored for future reference, as well as to conform to regulatory documentation requirements where necessary.

myPlant Equipment Monitoring software is easy to use and requires no IT expertise or expensive additional hardware or software components, which has covered everything you need.



  • Available as a cloud or local-based solution
  • Record, monitor and manage equipment
  • Analyse, forecast and identify equipment behaviour
  • Increase plant ROI and energy conservation
  • Operates on any internet-enabled device without costly hardware acquisition
  • Revolutionizes the time-wasting and inaccurate traditional paper methods to a fully digital enabled software solution


AlignSoft™ is a software specially designed and developed for field engineers and technicians to perform precision alignments accurately which only requires basic engineering knowledge without the need for any IT expert. AlignSoft™ is available as an application and can be downloaded and installed on any smart mobile devices or even a Windows Mobile-based PDA.

Correcting misalignment is quick and simple with AlignSoft™, and it is guaranteed to reduce errors and mistakes significantly. It is priced highly competitively to allow any plant to reap benefits from it and save them from paying costly prices for a complete alignment monitoring programme.



  • Records and stores all the alignment works being carried out
  • Retrieve previous alignment records done
  • Maintain a history of all the alignment records
  • Correct misalignments and reduces incidences of bearing and seal failure
  • Prevent broken shafts
  • Minimize energy losses
  • Reduce production downtime


AMS Audiometric Management System is a software designed for plants that are involved in the manufacturing industry. This software is used to keep track of all the information related to the Audiometric test of the employees. The software also helps to generate report related to the DOSH.


  • Easy to generate audiometric test result once it is completed
  • The reports can be produced within few minutes time
  • DOSH reports can be generated anytime
  • Data is well maintained and 100% secured


Calibration Management System by Serba Dinamik IT is essential especially for all process industries such as power generation, oil, gas, chemical, pharma and more. It routinely calibrates, inspects and checks on the work equipments to ensure that they are all fit and audit-ready.

The system offers an user-friendly interface for users and runs a paperless and automatic calibration process which not just saves time, but also improves efficiency and eliminates the hassle of manual entries key-in process. It also helps you to plan, manage and document calibration works which is specifically designed to monitor pressure, temperature, flow, analytical instrument and more.

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