Virtual Reality Theme Park

D-Virtual Park is the apex of futuristic entertainment and a direct influence for the community to embrace technological advancement with its various Holographic Entertainment and VR Simulators besides D-Tamu, an Innovation Lab and an eSports Arena as it aims to be a one-stop community hub.

D-Tamu is an advanced marketplace, offering the opportunity for local entrepreneurs to be immediately empowered with the latest e-commerce tech. Built in collaboration with Startup Borneo, the Innovation Lab offers a full-fledged startup venture building platform while the E-Sports Arena is aimed at spurring regional E-Sports scene development with Sarawak Esports Association (SESA) as its partner.

It has now effectively launched and is currently operating in Kota Samarahan, Sarawak. Further expansions are in the pipeline in Bangi, Selangor as well as in global innovation hub projects (Middle East).