Virtual Reality Theme Park

D-Virtual Park is the apex of futuristic entertainment and a direct influence for the community to embrace technological advancement with its various Holographic Entertainment and VR Simulators besides D-Tamu, an Innovation Lab and an eSports Arena as it aims to be a one-stop community hub.

The Fantastic of virtual world? Indulge in a selection of 10 park attractions comprising of the finest in high-tech fun, from free-roam virtual tours that test the boundaries of our horizon, to adrenaline rushing thrill rides as well as a battleground where you get to unleash your inner warrior! D-Virtual Park customizes our games so that it can be enjoyed by all players of varying skill sets. Our games are designed to optimise individual preferences and is bang for your buck! Not only that, we are the pioneering virtual park to give our audience the chance to experience the viewing of a customized hologram theatre show, offering the most revolutionary form of cinematic experience!