Digital Library & E-Learning Portal

Global Content Exchange (GCE CLUB) provides unlimited access to the largest collection of contents.

Global Content Exchange Club ( is an integrated online digital content platform which provides an avenue for content enthusiasts to share and exchange their collection of digital contents, be it in the format of e-book, e-article, e-journal, thesis, course works, audio files, videos or any other format of digital content in a unified e-marketplace.

The customized features enable the delivery of high-quality e-content quickly to end-users, namely students, teachers, lecturers, professors, governments, and private entities. is a central infrastructure where members can create, exchange, digitize, and monetize content. The platform helps foster knowledge & resource sharing among learning institutions i.e. schools, colleges, and universities.

With new features as Learning Management System (LMS) and integrated webinar incorporated into this platform, it is ideal for e-learning at all levels.


GCE Exchange

GCE Exchange is a highly secured platform that enables any interested individual to trade or share market-worthy content, from researches and lab reports, to slides and designs. The platform is featured with an easy-to-upload functionality that supports almost any format, and is built with a secured payment gateway and a customized dashboard that provides details of transactions in real time.

GCE Academy

GCE Academy brings an exceptional online learning experience where members can effectively engage in out accredited certification courses and webinars. The Academy caters to avid learners, those who strive to constantly improve themselves with knowledge and skills by reputable institutions, field experts, or industry practitioners. Members will be able to access and enroll in online certification courses, soft skill courses as well as participate in webinars hosted by accredited institutions and subject matter experts.